Migrating to salesforce made easy

Migrating data to salesforce so as to support sales, marketing, and custom development efforts is quite a challenge using basic data loader tools. With certain proficiency and expertise, the process can be eased completely with salesforce certified professionals.

The data migration service by cirroLogix enables business analysts and salesforce administrators to quickly and easily migrate data from other cloud and on-premise systems.

Our data migration service also allows our users to experience and explore the expertise of cirroLogix. We just don’t do the one-off data migration but also we are into the ongoing bi-directional data synchronization operations.

With cirroLogix by your side, you can effortlessly migrate account information, sales leads, orders, opportunities, and custom objects to salesforce from any accounting, ERP, data warehouse, or other back office systems or databases — without having to rely on an IT organization!


Benefits of migrating

  • It comes loaded with features – native connectivity to over 250 systems built-in functions for data cleansing and transformation, easy synchronization
  • Graphical mapping – You get instant results without coding data migration! much faster than salesforce data loader which is quick and affordable.
  • Instant ROI – As it is cost effective and quick, you can reap the results much faster and effectively.
  • Easy Management – You can have a clear view into the migration operations which will quickly convert migrations to ongoing synchronizations designed for the technical business analyst/salesforce admin