We at cirroLogix believe in results and not on the efforts. However, our efforts have a track record of bringing in guaranteed results.

With the right planning and execution, we can help you achieve some extraordinary results which will show up on the sales people, sales managers and your executives.

Deciding on a CRM which works successfully for your company is a complex process which requires detailed design and leadership. CRMs are not just a software application but an event which brings business and cultural transformation.

In cirroLogix, we focus on both the technical and organizational aspects of your project to help drive the results you expect from your CRM. Leveraging key features in salesforce.com, we help transform your business processes to maximize your salesforce.com results.

In CirroLogix

We start with a complete program review of your implementation.
We do research on your company’s needs and requirements.
Identify core business requirements and set reasonable goals for your implementation.
The program review phase ends in a CRM change management plan.
Here starts the next phase where certified salesforce.com consultants and developers will work with you to build salesforce.com to your specifications. All requirements are built into salesforce.com only if they are in line with your CRM change management plan.