Mobility is the key to connection…

Finding mobile apps that gel into Salesforce are not new, but nothing like creating one for you. The process of mobile apps development has just got simpler with CirroLogix..
When we talk about software, the ease and simplicity of usage betters its functionality. With our mobile Apps development software, you can be remain assured of

  • Lesser bugs due to fewer oversights
  • Quicker development due to removed complexities
  • Enhanced maintainability due to fast ramp-up for new maintainers

This is all made possible for mobile apps that integrate with Salesforce. It abstracts away the complexities of communicating remotely with Salesforce, making remotely querying an org’s Salesforce database effortless.
Mobile apps developed by us support a variety of different models of mobile apps, namely architectures that are

  • Completely native to each mobile OS
  • HTML5 apps that are completely Visualforce and Apex-based
  • A hybrid architecture, where a native app is created that pulls its interface and views from HTML5 pages built in Visualforce and Apex.

CirroLogix enables businesses to take advantage of mobile apps developer to improve and streamline the Salesforce interface for their employees for each job role they have.