dramatically reduces the effort to integrate with either on-premises applications or other third-party solutions and external cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google AppEngine, and Twitter. More than half of all traffic on the platform is system-to-system integration, making it the most trusted and successful enterprise API in the market.

CirroLogix can help you integrate with and help you go on par with the leading brands in the industry. It is composed of numerous integration building blocks such as

  • Creating and exploring web services using the Apex programming language
  • Invoking external web services from Apex
  • Outbound messaging for invoking external web services when data changes
  • HTTP and REST integration
  • Email integration for inbound and outbound messaging
  • The SOAP APIs and associated toolkits, such as the Mobile SDK, AJAX Toolkit, Java, .NET, PHP and Adobe Flex integrations.
  • Syndication feeds via Sites