Prescribing cloud for the time-sensitive healthcare industry

Over 23% of the healthcare industry is spending $100 million or more to scan patient records alone
When the world is heading towards a paperless world, why would the healthcare industry stay behind? Healthcare industry is among the most futuristic industries today. The changes are so rampant that keeping pace with them is the biggest challenge. Storing information on cloud is the most preferred and definitive option to meet the prolific demands of the times.
Why Cloud
Apart from having the patient’s information stored on the cloud, and accessing and managing them over the internet, there is much more to cloud. With most industries taking to the cloud for elevated business benefits, CirroLogix lists out the reasons why Healthcare industry should be cloud enabled:

    • It helps in reducing expenses on new technology
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Secure as companies are hired to watch over the information
    • During emergency or in urgent need of health reports, the information can be accessed from any device and from anywhere
    • It gives scalability and flexibility
    • It increases the adoption of EMRs
    • It is beneficial for small companies
    • It is easy to share information among different organizations and doctors